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Engineering – Procurement – Construct (EPC):

Projects are implemented through the provision of venture and institutional capital.  Such projects are developed once the State has completed the Feasibility stage and requires assistance with project funding, project design, procurement for the completion of the project and the construction of the project.

Public – Private – Partnerships (PPP):

The advent of Mandlethu’s establishment in Africa witnessed the company’s diversification in the provision of holistic development solutions for the countries in which our business is conducted.  Among a myriad of development challenges facing Africa are socio – economic constraints that prohibit the delivery of much needed infrastructure to improve the lives of our citizens.

To circumvent these constraints Mandlethu offers financially constrained governments the undertaking of infrastructure projects in a manner that does not encumber the State fiscally.  Mandlethu is in a position to leverage capital required to deliver a project without the State having to draw on scarce and limited financial resources to achieve its fiscal objectives.  This allows governments to focus on other pressing priorities e.g. Education and Health thereby enabling companies like Mandlethu to introduce private sector participation through Foreign Direct Investment.


Projects are developed based on the priorities and needs of the State which can be operated as independent State Owned Companies that are financially viable and sustainable.  A concept is developed by Mandlethu based on the aspirations of the State in fulfilling their mandate to the population.  The need and viability of the project is determined by Mandlethu through the completion of a Feasibility Study.  Once this is achieved Mandlethu escalates the concept into a working program on which capital funding is raised based upon agreed principles.