Mandlethu Mining


Mining in Africa has been the main driving force behind the history and development of Africa`s most advanced and productive economy. Among some of the developments in this sector are:


  • Gemstone prospecting license in Tundurumining1
  • The rights to reprocess 5MT’s Gold Tailings in the Mbeya in Southern Tanzania
  • Gold prospecting license in Lake Victoria (Greenstone Belt), South Western Tanzania, spanning an area of 25km²
  • Gemstone Alluvial Mining license along the Muhuwesi River bordering Mozambique, spanning an area of 25ha


Mandlethu’s core business is infrastructure development, civil engineering construction, and property development, having undertaken a number of successful projects in Kwa Zulu Natal and the Eastern Cape. During the course of 2009 Mandlethu Group received a number of invitations to visit various countries, on the African continent including Tanzania, emanating from official State Delegations arranged by the Department of Trade and Industry.
“The Tunduru deposit has been the most important gemstone discovery in 50 years” source: diamond “The Mozambique Orogenic Belt in Tanzania is host to what could be the world’s most remarkable array of gemstone deposits, in addition to gold and iron ore deposits.” Source: Exploration Criteria for Gemstone Deposits – Walton Geological Services, Canada